A little can change a lot – we know this from our rich 63-year history of serving the needs of nurses and the nursing profession across the nation. The same can be said for donations -  every gift matters and help us invest in the best research and the programming to advance the profession.

Many thanks to all who have supported our programs and services year after year through your generous gifts.

What’s your reason for giving?

  • Perhaps you benefited from a research grant from the American Nurses Foundation that helped launch your career.
  • Maybe you volunteered for the nursing research grant committee and saw first-hand the rigor of the peer reviews and the promising nurse-led research in the applications.
  • Perhaps you’ve seen how much the American Nurses Foundation has grown over the last decade and you are excited about becoming a part of the strategic vision for the future.
  • Maybe you are a long-time ANA member, and wish to support the profession through the affiliated charitable foundation.

No matter how you choose to support the American Nurses — or how much you desire to give — you can be sure that your gift will make a difference.